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Williamson Lectureship 2018 Impressions

Better late than never. I was privileged to attend the Williamson Lectureship again this year. I was not able to attend to writier's workshop conducted by Connie Willis on Saturday. I understand it's a high quality event. We missed Melinda Snodgrass this year because she was off in Hollywood doing important Hollywood show business. It was also a little sad that Dr. Patrice Caldwell was unable to attend due to a family matter and Victor Milan who was so great at his first event last year past away earlier this year. Finally, Stephen Gould was not able to attend due to the death of his father earlier in the week. Condolences to those families.

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Photography at the 2018 Williamson Lectureship

I meant to get this up much earlier but life got in the way and my priority was to get the snapshots up as quickly as possible. First, a few words about those snapshots. As an amateur photographer (read “guy who owns too much camera equipment”) I do take some pride in my ability to take a technically acceptable photograph. In a situation like this, the challenges are many and my advantages are few.

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Still Fighting Mageia 6

A few months ago I upgraded my desktop to Mageia 6. There was some trouble with initial installation, but I overcame that by formatting my /home partition. It's all documented here. I was pretty happy with the outcome, then I started to have trouble with the akonadi server. I installed the OS again and it seemed to be better. It is better; it is not perfect.

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Autofs and Wiki Updates

Finally implemented autofs on my laptops. This has been a pending project for a long time. Now that I hardly use the laptops at all, I've had the chance to implement autofs mounting on them. Read all about it!

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Reorganized the Wiki

I have been thinking about doing this for a while now, but it's not as straightforward as one might think. I did some research and indulged in some good old trial-and-error to figure it out. I established some not entirely arbitrary categories and divided my 40 wiki entries into them. The categories represent compromise and best-guess options to fit the content into them. Others my very well disagree and think one entry should be in a different category, but the decision was mine and I stand by it. At least for now.

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Akonadi's Revenge: This Time, It's Personal (at lest it feels that way)

Got up this morning (Oct. 1, 2017) and found that my desktop had rebooted. Well, okay it was overcast and misty last night, that happens. Then I noticed that all of the screen sessions on my servers were still intact. If they had rebooted, that wouldn't happen. I started configuring my desktop as I do after reboots, and discovered that Knotes started up okay, but wasn't showing the number of existing notes as it is configured to do.

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Akonadi Server and TomBoy Notes

The akonadi server hasn't worked on this machine since I upgraded it to Mageia 6. I've got calls for help at the Mageia forum and KDE's forum. The Mageia plea was closed when I ditched everything and installed over my /home directory. Now, I'm groping about with every akonadi related thing I can find. It's not going all that well.

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